Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers 2019

After the death of their father three sisters, sixteen year old Lou, Charly who is in her early twenties and Emmie who is a mere child, have to try and run the family's horse farm between them. They have to overcome all manner of adversity in order to keep their beloved farm.

Die Mädels vom Immenhof 1955

Granny Jantzen lives with her three granddaughters Dick, Dalli and Angela on the small pony farm Immenhof in Northern Germany. Since the breeding of ponies isn′t profitable anymore, Granny Jantzen is struggling to keep the family property. During the summer break , young Ethelbert is spending his holiday with his cousins at Immenhof. While Angela has fallen in love with the wealthy land owner Jochen von Roth, Dick and Dalli have to put up with bigheaded urbanite Ethelbert.

Hochzeit auf Immenhof 1956

The Immenhof has been closed by officials, awaiting auction. In the meantime, Angela has died, so Jochen is now a widower. Oma Jantzen and Angela's younger sisters Dick and Dalli live with him in the forester's house. In order to save the manor house, Dalli has started a "pony circus" with the village children in the barn, while Dick has given up hope of Ethelbert ever returning.

Ferien auf Immenhof 1957

The pony hotel has just been opened, but so far no guests have arrived. Dick gets Ralf to design a brochure about the hotel. The girls and Ethelbert then lead the village children on horseback to Lübeck, where they all distribute the brochure - not knowing that Dalli has added some embellishments to the text.

Frühling auf Immenhof 1974

There is a lot of sunshine on the traditional Immenhof: owner Dalli and tenant Alexander Arkens want to give the javascript soon. Even Alexander's twin daughters Billy and Bobby and grandma Arkens have the sympathetic Dalli closed in her heart. But while the witty twins enjoy country life, the Immenhof is once again in financial trouble. A loan, which is due to be repaid, is a big concern for Dalli and Alexander. While Dalli wants to ask for help at her former job, Alexander wants to come to money on his own. This is the big noise preprogrammed.