King Kong 2005

In 1933 New York, an overly ambitious movie producer coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with the leading lady.

King Kong vs. Godzilla 1963

The heavily re-edited John Beck version of the film: released outside of Japan and restructured with new footage of American actors centering around a news report not present in the original. Eric Carter of United Nation News is joined by Dr. Arnold Johnson as a prehistoric monster emerges from hibernation and a pharmaceutical company seeks publicity with a monster of their own.

King Kong 1976

In this remake of the 1933 classic, an oil company expedition disturbs the peace of a giant ape and brings him back to New York to exploit him.

King Kong Lives 1986

After falling from the Twin Towers, Kong lies in a coma for ten years. When his heart begins to fail, scientists engineer an artificial heart, and a giant female ape is captured to serve as a source for a blood transfusion. When Kong awakens following his heart transplant, he senses the nearby presence of the female ape and the two escape to wreak havoc together.

King Kong 2013

Born on 1988 in Athens Zoo and abandoned by his mother, silver-back gorilla Ivo has never been able to mate. Now he needs to be transferred to another zoo. KING KONG is a story about a 50 years old man, working in the Zoo while taking care of his bedridden mother. Unable to form any type of relationship and express his sexuality, he will go down the path of violence and despair.

Recreating the Eighth Wonder: The Making of 'King Kong' 2006

Following the immense success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson directs King Kong (2005). This documentary follows him, and the immense project from start to finish. It turns out that this one film may actually be a larger task to complete than all 3 of the Lord of the Rings films together.

King Kong 1962

Dara Singh rescues a village maiden from a giant dinosaur and is given the name "King Kong" by the ruler of the land who also desires that the hero marry his lovely daughter, the princess. Wrestler King Kong appears as as the previously bestowed "King Kong" who is none too happy to lose his title to the muscular young upstart.

Las muñecas del King Kong 1981

Rape/revenge story in a rural setting, with subplots about stealing livestock, home-invasion activity, and sexytimes with bar-girls.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters 2007

In this hilarious arcade showdown, a humble novice goes head-to-head against the reigning Donkey Kong champ in a confrontation that rocks the gaming world to its processors! For over 20 years, Billy Mitchell has owned the throne of the Donkey Kong world. No one could beat his top score until now. Newcomer Steve Wiebe claims to have beaten the unbeatable, but Mitchell isn't ready to relinquish his crown without a fight. Go behind the barrels as the two battle it out in a vicious war to earn the title of the true King of Kong.

King Kong en Asunción 2020

An old hired killer is hiding in the interior of Bolivia, in the desert region of the Salar de Uyuni. You just committed your last murder. After months in isolation, he travels to the interior of Paraguay where he receives a good reward and heads to Asunción with the aim of meeting his daughter.

King Kong 2012

Once more, a displaced body makes a break-through. This time she will sing as the caged men scream. Queen Kong is revealed.

Kong: King of Atlantis 2005

Gigantic Kong, who has reborn from the original King Kong DNA and the DNA from his human 'brother' Jason, is the king of the island where it lives. But now, according to an ancient prophecy, the ancient civilization of Atlantis has resurfaced from the seabed and its evil queen wants him to govern with him to become again Kong: King of Atlantis. But Jason and his brave friends try to prevent the plans of the queen facing soldiers, enormous animals, many obstacles, puzzles and enemies. In the midst of exciting action-packed adventures, Jason will have to use his special powers of cyber-union so that he and Kong will become a single hero. Only together can save Kong Island ...

Supercard: King Kong Bundy Re-experiences WM2

At the height of pro wrestling’s 1980’s explosion, the legendary Hulk Hogan was heading to the second Wrestlemania against a bohemoth, set to destroy him in a steel cage. A big, blue one, no less. That was all the setup needed for the fans to flock to 3 arenas, pay-per-view, and closed circuit screens. Join guest King Kong Bundy as he re-experiences this historic date with us. The Opponent: Hear Bundy detail his dealings with Hogan from the first time they grappled in Japan to this historic main event. Hogan was very giving to Bundy, offering to get color whenever they met. The Angle: It didn’t take much to pump up Wrestlemania 2, but you’ll go inside the build up, from the broken ribs on SNME to the house shows where they couldn’t touch until the big date! The Shot: Head to L.A. with Bundy and relive working atop the biggest show in wrestling history at the time!

Mi Abuelo Conoce a King Kong 2019

An incredulous Grandfather and his excited granddaughter go to the cinema to see a film of King Kong. The film is from when King Kong was in the grandfather’s town.

The King Kong Show

The King Kong Show is an American/Japanese children's animated television series produced in 1966 by Videocraft of the USA, and Japan's Toei Animation and is the first anime series produced in Japan for an American company. ABC ran the series in the US between September 10, 1966, and August 31, 1969. This series is an animated adaptation of the famous movie monster King Kong with character designs by Jack Davis and Rod Willis. In this series, the giant ape befriends the Bond Family, with whom he goes on various adventures, saving the world from monsters, robots, aliens, mad scientists and other threats. Included is a comical cartoon show called Tom of T.H.U.M.B., about a three inch tall secret agent for the Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau named Tom and his equally tiny Asian sidekick Swinging Jack who are sent out in a variety of miniature vehicles by their bad-tempered boss Chief Homer J. Chief to foil the fiendish plots of M.A.D., an evil organization made up of black-cloaked scientists out to destroy the world. In Japan, the first two episodes were combined into a 56-minute special, titled King of the World: The King Kong Show, and was broadcast on NET on December 31, 1966. The rest of the series, with the inclusion of Tom of T.H.U.M.B., was broadcast on NET as King Kong & 001/7 Tom Thumb, and aired on April 5 to October 4, 1967, with a total of 26 episodes.

Kong: King of the Apes 2016

Set in 2050, Kong becomes a wanted fugitive after wrecking havoc at Alcatraz Island’s Natural History and Marine Preserve. What most humans on the hunt for the formidable animal don’t realize, though, is that Kong was framed by an evil genius who plans to terrorize the world with an army of enormous robotic dinosaurs. As the only beast strong enough to save humanity from the mechanical dinos, Kong must rely on the help of three kids who know the truth about him.

Kong: The Animated Series 2000

Kong: The Animated Series is an American television series for children that follows King Kong, the monster of the 1933 film of the same name. Kong was created to compete with Godzilla: The Series, and first aired on BKN in 2000. In May 2001, Fox Kids began airing reruns of the first 13 episodes. Then, Jetix began airing reruns on September 9, 2005, as a prelude to the release of Peter Jackson's King Kong. Additionally, two direct-to-DVD movies based on the series were released: Kong: King of Atlantis in 2005 and Kong: Return to the Jungle in 2007.

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