Metropolis 1927

In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.

Leaving Metropolis 2002

David is a creatively stifled painter in desperate need of inspiration. As happenstance would have it, while seeking a job waiting tables, David stumbles upon a new muse in the form of a strapping diner owner named Matt. In short order the two bond over a shared love of art, and before long their passion for painting transforms into something more torrid. If it weren't for Matt's wife, Violet, everything would be perfect.

Dark Metropolis 2010

Mankind has lost a 300-year war against a genetically enhanced race that man created, abused, and tortured. The descendants of that race, called the 'Ghen', control planet Earth. An entire new universe has risen inside the remnants of our world. Humans work the surface as factory slaves in the New World Order, with pockets of resistance carrying on the freedom fight. As rising Ghen politician Crecilius Pryme takes power he urges his people to annihilate the remaining human population unleashing a shocking secret that will change the world forever.

Dream Theater: Metropolis 2000 - Scenes From New York 2001

The video contains "Scenes From A Memory" in its entirety from its final performance in New York City on August 30th, 2000. The contents of the Special Edition DVD is: 1. SFAM in its entirety from its final performance in New York City 2. Audio Commentary throughout SFAM by all five members of Dream Theater 3. Over one hour of bonus live material 4. Behind The Scenes Documentary 5. Metropolis 2000 World Tour Photo Gallery

Metropolis Refound 2010

Argentinian film historians find a complete print of Fritz Lang's “Metropolis” (1927) at Buenos Aires Film Museum and take it to Germany for its restoration.

Metropolis 2001

Kenichi and his detective uncle, Shunsaku Ban, leave Japan to visit Metropolis, in search of the criminal, Dr. Laughton. However, when they finally find Dr. Laughton, Kenichi and Shunsaku find themselves seperated and plunged into the middle of a larger conspiracy. While Shunsaku searches for his nephew and explanations, Kenichi tries to protect Tima (a mysterious young girl), from Duke Red and his adopted son Rock, both of whom have very different reasons for wanting to find her.

Voyage to Metropolis 2010

A documentary about the making of the final version of Metropolis by restoring all material from different sources.

Metropolis 2004

Metropolis takes you on a journey from the design trenches of the Cabrinha lab to the far corners of the earth to showcase how technology has taken surfing’s next level… to the next level. Join Andre Phillip, Stav Niarchos, Marc Ramseier, Elliot Leboe, and Gianni Aragno as they island-hop their way from their private slider park in Antigua to sessions in Rarotonga, Cabarete, Fuerteventura, and Maui. Follow Pete Cabrinha out to Peahi (Jaws), Maui to surf the swell of the decade. Witness his record breaking ride on a 70 foot wave which landed him the prestigious Billabong XXL award and his entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest wave ever ridden. Metropolis is filmed and edited in the same creative vein that produced many accolades for Elliot Leboe’s first production – Ten 4.

Metropolis 2015

Sixteen-year-old Cyril is a fan of Tecktonik. With the help of his best friend, Justine, he intends to make a video proving that he is the best electro dancer.

Metropolis 2009

A city as a pulsating organism. Repetitive movements are made by drawing on graph papers. Supported by SICAF 2009. Mirai Mizue's first time experimenting with geometric animation.

M, Metrópolis 1988

On the changes from one city to another: from New York to San Juan. The images condense metaphors of displacement, of the out of place, and of accommodating to ambivalent spaces, through scenes animated by lights and frames with changing color filters.

African Metropolis 2014

The vitality of the African city has provided local filmmakers with a rich array of stories for their films. African Metropolis presents six short films that examine the complexity of urban life in Abidjan, Cairo, Dakar, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi. They run the gamut of genres, but in all the central character is the city itself. A Jewish pensioner lives alone in a Johannesburg apartment, the last resident of an ever-changing city. In a Nairobi of the future, one man searches for the girl of his dreams. Dakar is the backdrop to an intimate conversation between two women. Abidjan once played host to the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. In Cairo a musician sees the gap between rich and poor expand. And a final film confronts the perils of the poverty trap.

Metropolis Apocalypse

This film played at film festivals worldwide and was an official selection at the Semaine de la Critique at Cannes in 1988.

Animax Special: The Making of 'Metropolis' 2002

This made-for-video documentary gives animation fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Metropolis, the film adaptation of classic manga artist Osamu Tezuka's vision of a future society where humans and humanoid robots live in uneasy coexistence. Also included are interviews with the voice actors and other members of the crew, who share their experiences from making the film and discuss some of the special efforts that went into it.

Pergaulan Metropolis 2

Budi (Ferry Tanjung) succeeded in making fun with Ineke (Inneke Koesherawati) who was made a model. Then he pretended to be a garong to make a surprise at Lisa (Windy Chindyana), the director where he worked. Then they were married. Ineke could only see through the glass of his car. Then it was shown that Budi was seducing the other prospective models that he wanted to orbit.

Public Enemy - Live From Metropolis Studios 2015

On August 6, 2014, Hip-Hop legends Public Enemy performed at London's world-renowned Metropolis Studios in the most intimate gig of their career. This stunning performance will be available as a Standard DVD in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, PCM and Stereo, as well as a High Definition, 1080p Blu-ray disc.

Metropolis 2015

Metropolis explores one important world city each episode, uncovering rich historical secrets behind its extraordinary location.

Superman: The Animated Series 1996

Superman, an incredibly powerful alien from the planet Krypton, defends Metropolis from supercriminals. Superman hides his identity behind the glasses of Clark Kent; a mild-mannered reporter for the newspaper the Daily Planet. At the Daily Planet Superman works with fellow reporter Lois Lane and photographer Jimmy Olsen.

Cities: Nature's New Wild 2018

Discover the remarkable ways animals of all shapes and sizes are adapting to make the most of opportunities in the newest and fastest changing habitat on the planet - our cities.