Misery 1990

Novelist Paul Sheldon crashes his car on a snowy Colorado road. He is found by Annie Wilkes, the "number one fan" of Paul's heroine Misery Chastaine. Annie is also somewhat unstable, and Paul finds himself crippled, drugged and at her mercy.

Misery Loves Comedy 2015

Over fifty very famous American and Canadian funny people (filmmakers, writers, actors and comedians) share life and professional journeys and insights, in an effort to shed light on the thesis: Do you have to be miserable to be funny?

Misery Harbour 1999

A young writer named Espen Arnakke tells the story of his escape from the small Danish town of Jante. Espen boards a ship headed to Newfoundland, but the harsh conditions on board makes him jump ship, and he ends up in the little town of Misery Harbour. There he meets the girl of his dreams. But his passion shifts to jealousy when one of the men from the ship mysteriously appears in town, and sets out to make Espen's life a misery

Amityville: Mt Misery Road 2018

Charlie and Buzi are ghosts' enthusiasts fascinated by the legend of the scariest road in America, Mt. Misery Road. The couple continues their adventure to the woods until they realize they got into the whirlpool of paranormal activities.

Misery Loves Company 1993

Cindy was asleep under a maple tree/ Rolled over and said to me/ I dreamt of Air Cries/ I turned over, we were lying on the the/ dry cracked mud of a river bed/ Empty Water/ Puppies, Air Cries Only/ They don’t make a sound/ My eyes on fire with nothing/ to quell them/ A piece of steel in the heart/.


In which a young man commits himself to misery

The Great Library Misery 1938

A man desiring to join the Grouch Club describes the terrible experience of trying to check out a book from a public library.

Mount Misery 2016

A tragedy causes an elderly woman to journey deep into her subconscious and ponder the afterlife.

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World 2004

Narrator Cori Brackett had a strange cause-and-effect experience with the diet cokes she was drinking and quickly found herself disabled and diagnosed with MS. Slowly able to walk and speak again, she believes her illness is linked to aspartame. She is a co-owner of a video/film production company. After 7000 miles, and 25 hours of footage, "Sweet Misery" will reveal one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence since tobacco.

Misery Loves Company 2012

MISERY LOVES COMPANY is a film about personal growth and emotional understanding in the guise of a dark romantic comedy. Brian Norton (Peter O'Brien) is a broken-hearted projectionist with a chip on his shoulder. After getting dumped by his current love interest, Alison (Priscilla Wilson), he inverts to a retrospective state in search of the source of his dilemma, but when your reality is primarily fantasy, it's easy to lose sight of things. Brian struggles for understanding as his best friend, Cliff (Steven Bendler), encourages him to put his emotions aside and focus on friendships instead of relationships. It is through Cliff that Brian meets Veronica (Carly Ballister) and his inner conflict begins. His problems are exacerbated by the adolescent advice of his friends, Les (Shawn Stephens) and Wayne (Konrad Mann). What follows is an exploration of options, expectations and experiences that serve to remind Brian of one thing... You're never as alone as you feel.

That Old Misery 2020

A post-technology folk horror tale that explores themes of human isolation, climate catastrophe, and viral disease through the lens of desperation and psychosexual madness.

Misery Loves Company 2018

A floating portrait of a lonesome young man trying to keep dark voices out of his head by staying on the move.

Misery Bear - Day Off

Misery Bear is the subject of a series of short films made by Roughcut TV and published on the BBC website.

S.A. Sanctuary: Cultivating Misery 2002

S.A. Sanctuary - Cultivating Misery, is a live DVD filmed during March 2002. Photosensitive Seizure Warning due to flashing images or lights.

From Nursery to Misery

Reclusive outsider musicians and identical twins, Gina and Tina Fear, live together in the woods. Back in the 1980’s they made powerful, skewed pop music with keyboardist Lee Stephens under the name “From Nursery To Misery”; self-releasing scores of cassettes from their bedroom in Essex. They also toured around Europe and posed on the cover of Psychic TV’s Hex Sex on the way. Now in their forties, and living a life of self-imposed isolation, the film tells the unlikely story of the band’s short existence, before picking up the thread of the twins’ eccentric life together now.

Misery Bear Goes to Work

Misery Bear is the subject of a series of short films made by Roughcut TV and published on the BBC website.

Misery Guts

Misery Guts was an Australian children's television series on the Nine Network Australia that first screened in 1998. Keith is the only son of Vin and Marge Shipley. They live above a fish 'n' chips shop in South London and things are tough. Keith's parents are misery gutses and he is convinced that the only way for the family to regain its former happiness is for him to make his parents smile again. Keith embarks on a mission to cheer his parents up. He buys a brilliantly coloured tropical fish from Australia, where the sun shines all the time, the sea is full of fish and coconuts just fall into your hands. When all his efforts to cheer his parents up fail spectacularly, Keith decides he must somehow get his parents to Australia. People couldn't be unhappy in a paradise where fish sparkle like rainbows and it's sunny and warm all the time. Or could they? Based on Morris Gleitzman's books 'Misery Guts', 'Worry Warts', and 'Puppy Fat'.

The Misery Index 2019

Two teams, each with one contestant and two Impractical Jokers, will compete against each other by attempting to rate hilarious and miserable real-life events on a scale of 1-100 based on the “Misery Index,” a ranking system created by a team of therapists.

Misery Loves Company 1995

Misery Loves Company is an American sitcom television series that aired from October 1 until October 22, 1995.

The Misery of Others is as Sweet as Honey 1994

A woman cartoonist struggles to make her way in the face of social restrictions. Her home office is the setting for encounters with editors, assistants and even her mother-in-law, and it’s often hard to distinguish friend from foe. Yet her ability to deal with problems somehow makes our own difficulties more bearable.

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