The Song of Names 2019

A man searching for his childhood best friend — a Polish violin prodigy orphaned in the Holocaust — who vanished decades before on the night of his first public performance.

Pet Names 2018

When her ill mother urges her to take a vacation from her caretaking, grad-school-dropout Leigh invites her ex along on the camping trip. The two soon find that confronting old wounds during a weekend in the woods is anything but restful.

Names on the Cup 2017

Every player in the NHL dreams of winning a championship and having the honor of their name engraved on hockey's most prestigious trophy. Here are the stories of those, legends and the lesser known, who achieved the ultimate goal in the sport.

No Names 2016

Bored in your marriage? Desperate for an intimate encounter? Feeling more secure having it with someone in a similar situation? pairs up the espoused and dissatisfied yearning to scratch the carnal itch in the comfort of their own anonymity. Your sexual adventure is a click away. No hassle. No risk. No names. Just dark secrets and deadly lies.

Hills Without Names 2018

After many years the Wanderer returns to his land to hear the Voice again which can be heard only there.

Coffee Shop Names 2020

Three Indian people imagine their personas as the names they give baristas, because their real names are hard to pronounce.

The Names

An American risk analyst becomes obsessed with a mysterious language cult seemingly behind a string of unexplained murders in Greece and the Middle East. Obsessed by this ritualistic violence, he searches for an explanation. A journey that begins to take over his life and the lives of those closest to him.

Women Without Names 1940

Joyce and Fred MacNeil's honeymoon comes to an abrupt and unsatisfying halt when Fred is accused of murder. Railroaded into prison through the efforts of politically ambitious assistant DA Marlin (John Miljan), Fred awaits his doom on Death Row, while Joyce works overtime on the outside to clear her husband's name

Names For Snow 2019

Follow Rebecca Thomassie, an Inuk woman, around Kangirsuk as she learns the 52 Inuktitut words for snow.

They Have Names

There are some 15,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system, but who are they? "They Have Names" follows five people and their families over the course of over a year as they navigate Arizona’s child welfare system in group homes, foster homes, courtrooms and prison cells. These five individuals pose tough questions, and find the answers aren't always satisfying.

Names on the Wall 2016

Two soldiers fighting on opposite sides of the Vietnam War find themselves faced with a choice, somewhere between where humanity ends and war begins.

We Need New Names 2015

A work examining contemporary Nigerian diasporic female identity through the contradictions inherent to an ethnographic reading of the funeral of the filmmakers’ family matriarch. Using personal archive to explore the concepts of female identity, diaspora, cultural memory and most importantly ‘fiction’.

The 99 Names of God 2018

Arab-American filmmaker Yumna Al-Arashi embraces the rhythmic rituals that have run alongside Islamic tradition throughout the centuries in this surreal and poetic short film. Piecing together old and new, Al-Rashi's dream-like imagery breathes fresh air to a subject hardly seen in positive light.

Different Names for Bullying

Lakota man Steven Gray joined the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Like many others who oppose the pipeline’s construction, Gray wishes to defend the water source for his community & the integrity of this sacred site. But Gray’s involvement in the fight is driven by more subtle motivations: after losing a son to suicide as a consequence of bullying, Gray has resolved to fight all forms of bullying & oppression. The disregard for the sovereignty of Native people in light of the pipeline dispute has become for Gray a source of personal struggle.

Guano Apes - Don't Give Me Names 2000

Audio Feat. Slide Show Stereo & AC3 5.1 01 - Innocent Greed 02 No Speech 03 Big In Japan 04 Money & Milk 05 Living In A Lie 06 Dödel Up 07 I Want It 08 Heaven 09 Mine All Mine 10 Too Close To Leave 11 Gogan 12 Anne Claire 13 Ain't Got Time - Live - 01 Crossing The Deadline 02 Money & Milk 03 Open Your Eyes 04 Heaven 05 Gogan 06 Mine All Mine 07 Living In A Lie 08 No Speech 09 Move A Little Closer 10 We Use The Pain 11 Lords Of The Boards 12 Big In Japan 13 Rain 14 Dödel Up - -Clips 01 Open Your Eyes 02 Lords Of The Boards 03 Rain 04 Don't You Turn Your Back On Me 05 Big In Japan 06 No Speech 07 Living In A Lie (Part I · Part II · Part III)

The Name's the Same 1951

The Name's the Same is an American game show that was produced by Goodson-Todman for the ABC television network from December 5, 1951 to August 31, 1954, followed by a run from October 25, 1954 to October 7, 1955. It was alternately sponsored by Swanson and Johnson Wax for the majority of its run. It was also sponsored by the Bendix home appliance division of Avco early in its run, and Clorets and Chicken of the Sea tuna midway through its run. The show's final sponsor, Ralston Purina, also sponsored Ethel and Albert, the program that replaced The Name's the Same on the ABC schedule.

My Name's McGooley, What's Yours? 1966

My Name's McGooley, What's Yours? was a popular Australian situation comedy series produced by ATN7 from 1966 to 1968. The situation involved a young couple, Wally and Rita Stiller, living in Balmain with Rita's father Dominic McGooley. Also in the regular cast was Stewart Ginn, and later Noeline Brown joined. The comedy of the series came from the clash of two generations living under one roof, a situation possibly suggested by UK comedies Steptoe and Son and Till Death Us Do Part. Many episodes were written by Ralph Peterson. When Chater left the series in 1968 the remaining cast was spun off into a new series titled Rita and Wally but it was found that the character of Dominic was integral to the comedy of the situation and the series ended a few months later. The series had a run of 88 episodes under the McGooley title. Rita and Wally ran for 23 episodes. The program was rated number 24 in 2005 television special 50 Years 50 Shows which counted-down Australia's greatest television programs.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo 1988

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo is the eighth incarnation of the Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon Scooby-Doo. This spin-off of the original show was created by Tom Ruegger and premiered on September 10, 1988 and ran for three seasons on ABC and on The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera as a half-hour program, until August 17, 1991 Following the show's first season, much of Hanna-Barbera's production staff, including Tom Ruegger, left the studio and helped to revive the Warner Bros. Animation studio, beginning with Tiny Toon Adventures. This was notable for being the last series where Don Messick voiced Scooby-Doo, and one of the few animated series in which someone other than Frank Welker voiced the character of Fred Jones. Messick and Casey Kasem were the only two voice actors from other Scooby-Doo series to reprise their roles in this version, and both received starring credits for their work.

I Named Her Feriha 2011

Adını Feriha Koydum is a Turkish television drama series produced by Med Yapım. The series broadcast on Show TV and it is written by duo Melis Civelek and Sırma Yanık.

A Girl Named Zat 2013

Based on Sonallah Ibrahim's celebrated novel, "Zaat" explores the social and political winds of change in Egypt starting from 1952, when the main character "Zaat" was born, all the way up to the present day.

A Woman Named Jackie 1991

A Woman Named Jackie is a 1991 American made for television miniseries chronicling the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It was based on C. David Heymann's 1989 book of the same title.

A Girl Named Zat 2013

Based on Sonallah Ibrahim's celebrated novel, "Zaat" explores the social and political winds of change in Egypt starting from 1952, when the main character "Zaat" was born, all the way up to the present day.

A Girl Named Jo 2018

Unlikely friends from opposite sides of the tracks uncover their community's complex history.

A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire is a 1995 television drama film directed by Glenn Jordan and starring Alec Baldwin, Jessica Lange, John Goodman and Diane Lane that first aired on CBS Television. Based on the 1947 play by Tennessee Williams, it follows a 1951 adaptation starring Marlon Brando and a 1984 television adaptation. The film was adapted from a 1992 Broadway revival of the play, also starring Baldwin and Lange.

A Girl Named Zat

Based on Sonallah Ibrahim's celebrated novel, "Zaat" explores the social and political winds of change in Egypt starting from 1952, when the main character "Zaat" was born, all the way up to the present day.

A Girl Named Zat

Based on Sonallah Ibrahim's celebrated novel, "Zaat" explores the social and political winds of change in Egypt starting from 1952, when the main character "Zaat" was born, all the way up to the present day.

The Show to Be Named Later...

The Show To Be Named Later... was a late-night talk/variety sports show that ran on Minnesota's KARE/11. It was hosted by Jonny Voss. The show featured interviews with Minnesota's sports figures, in-depth analysis of Minnesota sports teams and athletes from the perspective of the show's host, and people he meets on the street and at sporting events, musical performances, and contests run by sponsors, including Best Buy & Jack Link's beef jerky. It was broadcast on KARE at 12:00 midnight, immediately following Saturday Night Live. The show's main run was in 2005 and was recorded at the studios of WB affiliate KMWB, usually drawing a live audience of about 35 people. After only a few months on KARE, the show vanished from the late-night lineup, being replaced by infomercials. The show has been broadcast sporadically after its disappearance from its former late-night timeslot with an altered format. Producers dumped the original studio format and exclusively interviewed random people at sporting events asking their opinions on current events in the sports world, along with the host's perspective, and coverage of sporting events.

Benito: The Rise and Fall of Mussolini 1994

After rapidly ascending the ranks of the Socialist Party, Benito Mussolini created a Fascist state in 1920s Italy through his use of propaganda and diplomacy and led his people in a bloody war that would ultimately result in his downfall.

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