Shank 2009

Teenage gang member Cal, hides his sexuality from his fellow gang members despite their often violent dislike of anyone that isn't the same as them, be they unsuspecting shoppers, foreign students, gays, etc. When his world collides with Olivier, a student he rescues from a pointless beating, he encounters a lifestyle that presents as many new experiences as it does obstacles.

Shank 2010

Mo Ali’s futuristic knife-crime drama brings the dystopian environment of CHILDREN OF MEN and DISTRICT 13 to London’s East 17. SHANK delivers a ruthless vision of forthcoming urban life, where guns have been superseded by knives and are fiercely wielded by aimless youths. Amidst the chaos is the Paper Chazers gang, a rare morally conscious group who trade scavenged food for money. After Chazers gang member, Junior (Kedar Williams-Stirling), witnesses his brother, murder he must decide whether to get revenge of stick to the gangs moral code... In this superbly paced and artistic film, present-day social issues, and murky city streets, provide a perfect canvas for imagination and action.

Shanks 1974

Malcolm Shanks is a sad and lonely man, deaf, mute and living with his cruel sister and her husband, who delight in making him miserable. His only pleasure, it seems, is in making and controlling puppets. Thanks to his skill, he is offered a job as a lab assistant to Dr. Walker, who is working on ways to re-animate dead bodies by inserting electrodes at key nerve points and manipulating the bodies as if they were on strings. When the professor suddenly dies one night, Shanks gets the idea to apply their experimental results to a human body, and then to start exacting some revenge.

Shankar Dada Zindabad 2007

A goon falls for a girl who manages an old-age home, and she mistakes the goon for a professor. She seeks his help not knowing that the man who wants the old-age home demolished is his boss.

Shankam 2009

When his girlfriend is forced to return to India, a happy-go-lucky man follows her and upon asking for their marriage is tasked with picking up a violent but timid relative while making sure the rival villagers don't get a chance to attack him.

Professor Shanku and the El Dorado 2019

Based on Satyajit Ray`s iconic character, this film portrays the story of Trilokeshwar Shanku - a respected scientist and inventor who travels to Brazil for a science convention. But once he`s there Shanku gets involved in an adventure, a quest for the mythical city of El Dorado. Through the journey, he encounters native tribesmen and anacondas, but will Shanku and his friends ever find El Dorado?

Shankara 2016

Shankara is an upcoming Telugu film directed by Thathineni Satya Prakash and produced by R.V.Chandramouli Prasad (Kinnu) under the Sri Leela Movies banner and producer K. S. Rama Rao is presenting it.

The Legend of Shankhadhar 2016

The plot traces the historical narrative of Shankhadhar paying off the debt of all the residents of Kathmandu Valley, and thus beginning the calendar which began with the “year all debts were paid,” as Nepal Sambat has been cited as in historical documents.

Shankara 1991

Shankara is coming on a road on the way he asks one address with a girl and accordingly he reaches a Haveli. There Rani Maa introduces him to everyone and tells her decision to marry her daughter with Shankra. On hearing this Diwanji and Munshiji become perturbed. One dacoit Kaher Singh and makes a plan against Shankra in the Haveli Munshi's nephew Popatlal also thinks to marry Seema. When Seema getting married to Shankra and even three Phera had been completed Kahar Singh with his men and starts firing. Seema and Shankra are injured.

Shankhachil 2016

Free as a bird. To wander. To nestle. To take flight. We are not. As India gained its much awaited independence in 1947, a race faced another struggle. Bengal was divided and hundreds of thousands of Bengalis were displaced and divided on the basis of their religion. The Hindus were forced out as East Bengal was made a part of Pakistan and the same fate lay in store for the Muslims of West Bengal. Millions became refugees in their own homeland, and thousands still bear the cross and the scar. The film is a human saga of a truncated land and how people are trying to relive their destiny.

Shankar Dada MBBS 2004

Shankar Dada (Chiranjeevi) is a local goon with a good heart who defends his extortion and settlement business as social service to maintain peace in society. But he pretends to be a doctor to his parents to make them contended about their son's achievement. One fine day, Dr. Rama Lingeswara Rao (Paresh Rawal) - dean of the biggest medical college in Hyderabad - exposes the real identity Shankar Dada to his parents. Gravely disappointed, Shanakr Dada's parents vow not to visit their son's place and leave him. An emotionally wrecked Shankar Dada decides to become doctor in real to teach a lesson to Dr. Lingam and his beautiful daughter Sunita (Sonali Bendre) and at the same time to prove to his parents that their son is a doctor, in deed!

Shankar Guru 1987

Shankar Guru is a 1987 Indian Tamil film, directed by Raja and produced by M. Saravanan and M. Balasubramanian. The film stars Arjun, Seetha, Sasikala and Baby Shalini in lead roles. The film had musical score by Chandra Bose.

Shankar Salim Simon 1978

Shankar is the son of a corrupt businessman. When his sister is married against her wishes, she escapes to live with Simon, a poor man whom she loves. The society strongly objects to this union.

Sankarabharanam 1979

The story of a rare and exceptional bond between the master of classical music Sankara Sastry and his admirer Tulasi, a woman from a family of prostitutes.

Jagadguru Adi Shankara 2013

Jagadguru Adi Sankara is a 2013 ensemble cast Telugu biographical-devotional film directed by J. K. Bharavi. It is the cinematic of life of Adi Sankara. The crux of the story forms the clash between Chandaludu and Lord Siva

Making Shankly 2017

Making Shankly is a documentary film that explores the formative years of a Liverpool FC legend and tells a story that spans the football world from past to present. Everyone knows Bill Shankly the man, but the tiny village of Glenbuck - where he was born - has been largely forgotten. Beneath its neglect lies one of the most compelling stories in football. Through interviews with football historians and some of the few remaining Glenbuckians, Making Shankly charts the history of Glenbuck, the impact it made on football and why it became known as the 'Nursery of Footballers'.

Aagadu 2014

Shankar is an orphan raised by a sincere police officer Raja Rao. In an unexpected situation, Raja Rao's son Bharath kills a kid and Shankar takes the blame, and is imprisoned while Raja Rao warns him not to meet him again.

Shank! 2010

A delusional ex-Tennis pro tries to break into the media.


Shankaboot is an interactive web-based video series filmed in and around Beirut, Lebanon. It is the world's first Arabic Web Drama Series.

Auto Shankar 2019

Based on horrifying true incidents that happened between 1985 - 1995 in Chennai, still remembered as 'Once upon a time in Madras'.

Shankar Jai Kishan 2017

Kishan impersonates his two brothers to hide their deaths from his mother. But when she expects all her sons to get married, Kishan must marry three women to keep up the ruse.

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