Rep Yo Set: The Movie 2006

Rep Yo Set: The Movie takes viewers on a behind the scenes journey looking at the concept, history and culture of twenty seven of the most active gang neighborhoods in Los Angeles as they come together to record the historic Rep Yo Set Album. This raw, powerful, and candid documentary brings to life the brutalizing and exhilarating experience of gang life through the voices and images of the gang members as they express themselves through their music (and lyrics). Listen to real life stories about their gang's history, the crime, the shootings, and the numerous homicides. For five months the Rep Yo Set producers and their courageous crew followed these men from the luxury of being recording artists produced by some of the top producers in rap music today back to the reality of the streets that they must return to after each session.

Yo-kai Watch Movie 5: Forever Friends 2018

Fifth Yo-kai Watch film. A yokai known as surinaki has escaped his sell and is causing trouble through out the yokai world Yasha Enma and Enma King Shien must stop him from destroying everything and stop Enma king Shein from turning to the Darkside.