Chvrches : Live ZDF at Bauhaus 2013

01 - We Sink 02 - Gun 03 - Now Is Not The Time 04 - Interview 1 05 - Lies 06 - Night Sky 07 - Strong Hand 08 - Interview 2 09 - Recover 10 - Tether 11 - Interview 3 12 - Under The Tide 13 - The Mother We Share

Ray Wilson : [email protected] 2018

The concert begins with acoustic instruments; during the course of the show more and more electric elements are added. The mixture of an organic sound and heavier electric elements works fantastically well! The stage setup is interesting, too. There is neither a wall nor a curtain behind the band but a large hall – the band are apparently playing into the backstage area. An interesting quirk.

Dive to Bermuda Triangle 2004

There is a mystery there and the answer lies somewhere between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami. Hundreds of boats and planes have disappeared in the ocean with little or no trace at all. Most of these cases can be explained quite easily by human error or bad weather. But there are some that defy all explanation. Theories abound on these causes: Aliens, massive gas eruptions and freak waves. The documentary reveals that the boats and planes face a real danger in a triangle, but the true threat is often as strange as the wildest theory.

Die ZDF-Hitparade 1969

The ZDF-Hitparade, or Hitparade for short, by German TV channel ZDF, was one of the most popular and most well-known music television series presenting mostly German Schlager.